4/18 @ Vancouver (9:30PM CT) -

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Re: 4/18 @ Vancouver (9:30PM CT) -

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I enjoy pregame Bowness talk about his plans. Yesterday, he said he was going to break up his favorite line to put Glendening at center to get his best faceoff men at center because he knows the Stars ice the puck a lot, and the end result was the Stars won 53% of the faceoffs in the first period, a bit lower than the team's season average.

Halfway through the game, the Stars are losing and Oettinger gets pulled. Bowness also succumbs to the siren song and reassembles his favorite line. And how did his favorite line do? In the 3:40 of ice time they played together over the back half of the game, they generated zero shots on goal and zero scoring chances while giving up six shots against and two scoring chances against.

To compare, over the first half of the game, Raffl-Faksa-Gurianov played 4:34 of ice time. They generated 3 shots and 1 scoring chance and gave up 3 shots and 2 scoring chances. Still not great, but it was better than Bowness's favorite line who just got completely caved in. The funny part of this too is Bowness didn't just replace Gurianov with Glendenning to make the line worse, he also benched Gurianov the last ten minutes of the game.

That's Bowness hockey. He panics and reverts to his worst instincts of trying to defend a two goal deficit.

I can't wait until he's gone.
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Re: 4/18 @ Vancouver (9:30PM CT) -

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Klingberg was -4, Seguin also. That may have contributed to the loss. I didn't watch the game, tho. Glenndening and Faksa were Even and +1. And this was Van's 6th straight win, so they are rolling. Pavelski, Robo both -3. The coach puts the players out there, the players play.

Looks like Dickey had a nice game.
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