3.29.18 @ Wild XCEL 7:00PM.CDT

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Re: 3.29.18 @ Wild XCEL 7:00PM.CDT

Postby atticus ross » Fri Mar 30, 2018 2:53 pm

wonko80 wrote:The post game of whatever channel it was on (not Stars) had Roenick and someone else talking about the game. They said the Stars fans might as well change the channel when any line but the Benn line was on the ice as all the other lines generate zero offensive pressure. Brutal but true.

It was Anson Carter and he said he was just going to come out and say they are done at the end of the game. They have to win out and the two above them have to lose out for them to get in right? They are done. I'd be surprised if they won another game this season.

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