Stars' 2019-2020 first term bulletin

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Stars' 2019-2020 first term bulletin

Postby Math » Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:50 am

After one third of the regular season completed, here's the time for the Stars' class first term bulletin. The grades are given as a function of the players' respective role and with respect of what they should bring or demonstrate. Have fun and feel free to blast the following bulletin, or me: I won’t #MeToo you.

Jamie Benn
What's the difference between Jamie and a ghost? At least we can guess where the ghost is. Two game-winning goals and that's it. For an eventual contract rebuild, we suggest converting the currency from USD to Colombian pesos.

Grade: F

Ben Bishop
Warning ! Ben is a fragile component of the class, the postseason insurance that should be handled with care. Avoid dropping him on the ground or letting him in the heat or the cold. Wash him every day for maintenance purposes and feed Ben adequately. That's the key of the class' success.

Grade: A

Nick Caamano
Let's be honest, Nick demonstrated pretty good skills as a fourth-line support player in replacing injured (not to say bad) players in the line-up. Nothing else to say during his tenure with the class. If Jamie (not the good one, the other) or Alexander are to miss some games, Nick would be a great exchange solution, just in case.

Grade: B

Andrew Cogliano
It is acknowledged that Andrew is not the Ducks player anymore, however his backpack role fits him quite well, performing in shadow and ungrateful jobs. The #2 fan (literally speaking) of the class but blowing in the right direction as opposed to Denis.

Grade: B

Blake Comeau
Despite being a subject to awkwardly get injured, Blake is accounted to show some physical presence on the ice and exhausting the opponent's game. So far, he's showing some consistency with his regular comrades Radek and Andrew.

Grade: B-

Jason Dickinson
Zero might have been the preferred number of Jason since not a long time ago. It is appreciated that he finally managed to get out of his slump and started to play hockey. Like most of his comrades, the light at the end of the tunnel is coming, but a lot of work must be done.

Grade: C

Justin Dowling
When put in the middle of Jamie (the #14 one) and Tyler, he’s the brain even if it’s not so difficult to claim this role. In that position, he showed some interesting performances before being send back into the healthy scratch rotation with the return of the injured. Justin is a decent player when utilized in the right way.

Grade: B-

Radek Faksa
On the pace of being a league-worst -82 after 10 games, Radek improved his game and seems to have found some nice friends in Andrew and Blake. Playing in the shadow of the class pretended masters', Radek is encouraged to keep on shutting down opponents and be a good penalty killer.

Grade: B-

Taylor Fedun
Like his comrade Joel, Taylor responded well when asked to fill the holes in the depleted defensive corps of the class. A useful seventh D-man that can also tally some points as a bonus.

Grade: B+

Denis Gurianov

The class' need for speed definitely goes through Denis who shows some great abilities and stuff from his recall. However, those flashes should last a bit longer than 2.3 microseconds, gaining more consistency. Next homework: Trying not to spoil every breakaway he has and take some weight to avoid landing in some dark Nebraska field every time he gets checked at AAC.

Grade: C

Joel Hanley
It is often suggested that a defender that is not noticed is a good defender. As we did not see Joel much often from the beginning even when he was in the line-up, we can therefore conclude he’s done a good job in his role, not more, not less.

Grade: B

Miro Heiskanen
The next upgraded version of Zubov showed up from day one and is clearly avoiding the sophomore slump. At the oven and at the windmill*, Miro is essential to the good path of the class, so much can we can easily forgive him some little misplacements and turnovers, if we really want to find the needle in the corn field. Good point is, there is still room for improvement.
* from a French expression that basically says to fill up all roles and be everywhere at any time.
Grade: A

Roope Hintz
When the October train wreck was reaching the bottom of the Mariana Sound, Roope was the only one floating above sea level. Right now, it is admitted that Roope is one of the leaders of the class. On the bad side, he must remain at that level all throughout the season, good luck with that.

Grade: A

Mattias Janmark
Winners of The Weakest Link show are not the worst ones, neither the best ones. That's where Mattias is lying: somewhere mixed in the middle of the class, not making much noise, always discreet and can be easily forgotten. A typical Weakest Link winner, in fact.

Grade: C+

Anton Khudobin
Listed as the #2 goalie, Anton is more a 1B one. Great comrade in the locker room, Anton also allowed the class to grab some useful point here and there. Special mention for his great flexibility, keep on the good job.

Grade: A

John Klingberg
Wishing bad things to people is not nice, but John's injury was a benediction for both the class and him. Mr. Turnover was the heart and the soul of the train wreck that played in this hideous month. Yet John may have let his Casper costume in the closet, which is a good thing.

Grade: D

Esa Lindell
Like Chile’s former president Allende in the late 70's, Esa's sacrifice won't have been vain. Well in fact yes, because the class lost vs. Pittsburgh. The PK machine man lacks a bit of a scoring touch, but his presence is priceless in special situations.

Grade: B

Jamie Oleksiak
Honey, I exchanged the Jamies. Unfairly used to be mocked and made fun of, Jamie tremendously improved his game, both defensively and offensively. Jamie was thrown under the bus but responded perfectly. His biggest advantage: he knows what he's capable to do, but also what he's not capable to do.

Grade: A

Joe Pavelski
Netting garbage goals and shootout attempts is a bit high-paid for a pretended elite player and scorer. Joe's play might have been lost somewhere around Nevada or New Mexico, but it would be nice if Joe stops smiling all the time and start playing the game. Girls in the first rows just don't care, Tyler is their favorite no matter what.

Grade: F

Corey Perry
We all got that, the Corey 2.0 is not a sniper anymore, nor a skater. However, the Eye of the Tiger remains. His new bottom-6 role benefits the whole class by his good sense of the play and positioning, as well as some agitator functionalities in the crease. The end is near, but let's still a little bit(e) from him.

Grade: C+

Roman Polak
That's the good side of an injury: not being part of a sunken ship and saving the day when the weather is better. From his return, Roman is doing exactly what he’s told: block shots, line of passes and be the good vet' of the class.

Grade: B

Alexander Radulov
We agree that switching from AC to DC is maybe too ambitious for Alexander. However, he managed to create and stamp his own trademark on a specific action in the League: the stupid penalty in the offensive zone that directly cost points (Raduling™). Great work for that.

Grade: D-

Tyler Seguin
So close to the redemption but so far away. Tyler may used to be the main engine of the class, but it is right now too little, too often. At least he’s the least worst for the other supposed leaders of the class but ripping the blanket all for himself won't be the solution. Ever.

Grade: D

Andrej Sekera
Everybody knows that Sekera won't have his 20-year-old legs anymore, but the class has to rely on his vision and intelligence. Andrej is a bit scary when he plays on the PK but he's always doing what he's asked. A third-pair D-man that is playing like a third-pair D-man.

Grade: B-

All other classmates (Rhett, Joel l'Esperance) did not play enough games to be graded.

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Re: Stars' 2019-2020 first term bulletin

Postby Troy McClure » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:23 pm

Evaluated in order of cap hit and graded with their contracts in mind:

Seguin - D- He's the team's highest paid player. He's the 14th highest cap hit in the league and the 8th highest salary this season. He's also tied for 55th in points this season and is tied for 123rd in goal scoring this season. He's regressed so so much. He's not even 30, and his skating has declined to the point where he's essentially a league average player with a very good (but not great any longer) one timer. What a terrible contract.

Benn - F Even worse contract for a guy whose game is in free fall. He had three games or so a couple of weeks ago where everyone was excited to see him look like his old self, but it's clear he can't keep that up for more than a few games a month.

Pavelski - F Signing a 35 year old guy carried some risk, and that risk is being realized. Nill's replacement is going to end up trading a 2nd round pick to Seattle to entice Seattle into taking him in the 2021 expansion draft. Pavelski is super slow to the point where he's a non-factor most shifts. Maybe the problem with him is the Stars not being as good as San Jose. Maybe the Stars don't have enough talented passers who can get the puck on this pylon's stick. He was brought in to score goals, and he's not contributing.

Radulov - C He's 33 now and is looking quite a bit slower than last season, which is a contributor to him taking quite a few more frustration penalties because he's mad about losing puck races and battles he used to win. He's not able to dominate possession along the boards like he used to, and his stats are taking a beating as a result. Two more seasons of his contract after this?

Lindell - A- His job is to eat up minutes playing a safe game and killing penalties. He's doing that just fine. He's even being asked to play a decent number of PP minutes.

Bishop - A- His numbers are great. They should be A+ numbers, but he's had more Kari goals this season already that all of last season.

Klingberg - B- His start to the season was about as bad as a guy can play without getting scratched. After his injury, he's been much better. If he had played that way all season, he'd be an A for sure.

Cogliano - C- For his cap hit, he should be more than just a dude, but he's just a dude. A dude still under contract next season as well. Thanks, Nill.

Comeau - B He's better than Cogliano for sure. He's actually chipping in a small amount of offense from his 3rd/4th line spot.

Janmark - D+ Started the season soaking up assists from Hintz's early hot streak but has since faded into barely being noticeable. He's back to what he was last season as a fast guy with no hands.

Khudobin - A Can't ask for more from a backup.

Faksa - B He's a tough one to grade. He's on pace to produce his usual moderate amount of offense despite playing with really limited wingers most of the time. His checking game has suffered at times.

Oleksiak - B+ He's improved his game a lot. Playing with Heiskanen helps that, but he's a nice solid guy now.

Polak - D He's been pretty bad even when healthy. The team is better with Fedun playing.

Sekera - C- He's slow, and that limitation means he gets beat a lot. He can make some nice passes at times, but he's not a good defender any longer. Even his decent passing ability isn't turning into assists, which may come from the fact his skating limits his ability to participate in what's going on in the offensive zone.

Perry - B Considering nothing was expected from him, seeing him produce some offense in spurts is a welcome addition. He's still dirty as hell, but sadly, he's slow skating limits his ability to contribute.

Dickinson - B- He's a low-quality utility player. He's going to be the guy moved around the lineup filling in spots when others are hurt, but he's never going to produce any meaningful offense.

Heiskanen - A+ He's going to get a massive contract in the near future. He's easily the best player on the team.

Gurianov - C I still don't get what some fans see in him. He's fast. Yeah, he's fast, but he doesn't really do much with his speed. That's not to say I want him scratched or anything because there aren't any better options to take his spot, but I also don't see anything lost when he doesn't play.

Hintz - A+ He was never going to keep up his early season pace. I love everything about his game, but I worry about him because he takes quite a beating with some of his crashes because of how hard he goes.

Dowling - B- He's fine.

Fedun - B+ He continually out produces his role and his minutes. Like last season, he's blessed with a small amount of puck luck others aren't.
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Re: Stars' 2019-2020 first term bulletin

Postby wonko80 » Tue Dec 03, 2019 12:58 pm

Fedun should be playing instead of either Polak or Sekera.

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Re: Stars' 2019-2020 first term bulletin

Postby ScubaSteve » Tue Dec 03, 2019 1:44 pm

I’d participate, but this team isn’t worth 500 words about. You can look at their spot in the standings at this point in the year and maybe give them a B+ or an A-, but actually watching the games and following the team, I’m more inclined to give a C+ or a B-.
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Re: Stars' 2019-2020 first term bulletin

Postby ToddM » Tue Dec 03, 2019 2:39 pm

I think everyone deserves an A.

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